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This year we’ve got a surprise game to bring the games to a close. Registered Symposium Games participants will be playing amongst other non-registered players in an introductory tournament of the new Steampunk card game Twisted Skies!

Twisted SkiesTwisted Skies is an exciting Steampunk themed card game you can play around the table with 4-8 friends. Command your daring Airship in fantastic missions of daring with a brave crew of Steampunks. All cards in this game are based on real Steampunks from the community and every demonstration has free giveaway cards for every participant!

We will do a two round single elimination tournament, tracking final scores for overall standings. The first one hour round will be multiple tables of Twisted Skies, with the winners of each table progressing to the second one hour round and one championship match at one table. Tables will be 4-6 players in the first round at a limit of 6 tables for a tournament limit of 36.

Twisted Skies 2There will be 2 demonstration sessions of this card game that you can attend as panels before the tournament on Sunday. The demo sessions aren’t required for registered Symposium Games participants. I’m told that the game isn’t so hard to understand that you couldn’t pick it up without the demo, but if you want to win, knowing the game ahead of time would be a plus, so look out for the demo sessions in the schedule.

If none of the S.G. registered participants place in the tournament don’t worry, registered participants will receive points based on their position within the brackets, even if they aren’t at the top.

As with all Symposium Games, registered participants must be present at the start of the tournament if they wish to participate.

  • 1st place: 50 points
  • 2nd place: 30 points
  • 3rd place: 20 points


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