Symposium Games – NERF Duel

The esteemed Symposium Games Pin awarded to the champions of each game.

The esteemed Symposium Games Pin awarded to the champions of each game.

We are all just gentle folk, occasionally we have disagreements, when that happens the prudent thing is not to shoot each other under the table, only NERF Herder’s do that sort of thing. The gentle folk way of doing things is to have a duel. Two people, back to back. Only skill and midichlorians (I can hear everyone groaning) will determine the victor. When the time comes for two people to prove a point, the rules below will govern their test.

Here is a printable PDF of the rules below: SES14_NERF_Pistol_Dueling_Rules.pdf

NERF Pistol Dueling Rules


Due to time constraints, each competing group will be allowed to submit a MAXIMUM of 2 duelists for the event.


  • You may use your own “weapon” or one will be provided to you.
  • Only TOY guns that shoot foam DARTS (Micro or Mega size) or DISCS will be allowed.
  • Your toy gun must fit into the size category of a pistol or sidearm. If you think it might be too big to be called a sidearm, it probably is, but the event organizer will make the final judgment on what qualifies.
  • Performance modded toy guns are allowed, but must be inspected by the judge for safety before use in a duel.
  • It is suggested that your toy gun be painted to look steamy… but it is not required.
  • The number of rounds your toy gun holds is immaterial, but let it be known that you are only allowed to LOAD a maximum of 6 rounds for a duel. If you choose to use a toy gun that holds less than 6 at a time, you may carry extra darts to reload, up to a total of 6 darts on your person. This means that if your pistol holds 5, you can carry one extra to reload, if your pistol holds 4, you can carry 2 extra to reload and so on.

The Brackets:

This will be a single elimination tournament. If there are many duelists, 2 pairs may duel simultaneously to save time in the early rounds. SES Judges will be used to settle any disagreements regarding who is hit and who isn’t.  The Judges’ ruling is final.

After the first shot is fired, no more competitors will be allowed to enter the competition, so show up on time.

In the case of a tie on the final duel, the duel will be repeated with both competitors keeping their dominant eye closed. If there is STILL a tie, both finalists will split the available points for first and second place equally.


  • Starting back to back, take 5 paces on a count by the judge, then when directed, turn and fire.
  • Dodging of more than one step in any direction will disqualify the shooter.
  • If one party is “wounded”, the other is the victor.
  • If both parties are wounded on the first shot, both shall move on.
  • If the first volley does not produce a hit, both parties may continue to shoot at will from where they stand until one is hit or both run out of ammo.
  • If the round produces no victor after all rounds have been fired, both duelists are eliminated for lack of shooting skill.

A note regarding honor:

Dueling is a test of honor between gentle folk. . .who want to kill each other over trivial things. . . well you know what I’m saying. Don’t be that lout who refuses to accept defeat when your opponent and judges have declared you eliminated. In fact, if you even THINK you have been hit, be the gentleman (or gentlewoman) and call yourself out.


The participants who are dueling are responsible for cleaning up the darts they loosed, no matter who they belong to. If participants can get others to clean up their darts (I’ve always wanted a valet), that’s acceptable, but participants are responsible for it. SES is not responsible for lost darts.

Victory Points:

1st Place – 50, 2nd Place – 30, 3rd Place – 20


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