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Swimsuit Contest – The Walrus and The Carpenter’s Oysters

“’O Oysters, come and walk with us!’ The Walrus did beseech.
‘A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk, Along the briny beach.’”

Walrus and Carpenter 680

It’s time for a pleasant walk along the briny beach with the Walrus and the Carpenter. Make sure you’re wearing your most flattering beach wear! Every oyster can produce a pearl, and you could be the pearl of the pool in the Symposium’s first swimsuit contest! There will be a Best Gentleman and a Best Lady bathing costume winner! Come strut your stuff, poolside, for our esteemed celebrity judges. Feel free to incorporate the Alice in Wonderland theme for extra creativity points!

SP SwimsuitContestants:

Anyone is welcome to participate in the contest, whether associated with an airship or not. HOWEVER, if you are not part of an airship, one of the competing airships may try and convince you to join afterwards, and therefore earn your points. This year only one set of points will be available per competition. If the winners are not part of an airship or not convinced to join one, the points go unawarded to any airship. Airships will have until 3:30pm on Sunday at the convention to claim an unaffiliated winner. The winner must announce his decision to join an airship, in person, to the Games’ MC (Peter B. Slayer) before that time.

Swimsuit Competition Rules:

  • Your bathing costume/swimsuit does not have to be useable in the pool, but it must clearly be a bathing costume or beach wear.
  • Bathing costumes do not have to be made by you, but the judges will consider creativity in their decisions, so be original and fabulous!
  • Accessories are permitted, such as floating devices, parasols, and anything else you can imagine at a pool/beach.
  • Any outfit is acceptable, but please keep in mind that there may be children in the audience, so no nudity is permitted. Please follow what is considered acceptable at a normal hotel pool in terms of modesty.
  • Contestants should prepare a short introduction for themselves and their bathing costume.
  • Contestants must be willing to be photographed during and after the event by a Symposium photographer.
  • Do remember, this is not about beauty—it’s about creativity, fun, and showmanship— and the judges pick the winners accordingly. So please do not feel like you can’t participate because you aren’t “pretty” or “handsome” enough!

Victorian Swimwear

Victory Points for the Swimsuit Contest:

  • Best Gentleman’s Swimsuit = 20 Points
  • Best Lady’s Swimsuit = 20 Points

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