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The Queen of Hearts’s Combat Croquet

“Alice thought she had never seen such a curious croquet-ground in her life; it was all ridges and furrows; the balls were live hedgehogs, the mallets live flamingoes, and the soldiers had to double themselves up and to stand on their hands and feet, to make the arches.’”

Will you be Alice or the Queen?  It’s time to play Combat Croquet with the Queen of Hearts!  But don’t forget she hates to lose.  Don’t want to lose your head, do you?  Teams will face off in a single-elimination tournament.  A bracket will be created at the beginning of the event, so please be on time, as no participants can be added once the first hedgehog is struck.  The winners of the game move forward in the bracket, while the losers join the spectators.  The bracket will produce a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winning team.  There will also be a design portion of the competition, with the judges deciding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place on the aesthetics of your flamingo mallets.  Points are per team, not individual.

Classic Alice CroquetContestants:

Any team of 2 people is welcome to participate in the competition, whether associated with an airship or not.  HOWEVER, if you are not part of an airship, one of the competing airships may try and convince you to join afterwards, and therefore earn your points. This year only one set of points will be available per competition.  If the winners are not part of an airship or not convinced to join one, the points go unawarded to any airship.  Airships will have until 3:30pm on Sunday at the convention to claim an unaffiliated winner.  The winner must announce his decision to join an airship, in person, to the Games’ MC (Peter B. Slayer) before that time.

Equipment Needed:

  • Teams must bring at least one modified flamingo to use as a mallet. If only one mallet is brought, the players on the team will switch off for use. Please see design rules below. Teams that do not bring at least one flamingo are ineligible to play.
  • Colored plastic hedgehog balls will be used in play and provided by the Symposium. Note that these are lighter than normal croquet balls to allow for the use of the plastic flamingos as mallets. Balls should be hit with similar force to miniature golf. The goal is to make it roll, not make it airborne!

Croquet Rules:

  • Each team has two players. The primary player is Alice, whose goal is to use his/her mallet to knock a hedgehog ball through the six playing-card hoops of the course (in order!) and reach the end. The secondary player of the team is the Queen who will use his/her hedgehog ball to knock the hedgehog of the opposition’s Alice off course.
  • Each round of the game is divided into four turns. The winner of a coin toss gets to go first.
  • Using the head of the flamingo as a mallet, the first team’s Alice knocks his/her hedgehog towards the hoops, aiming to put the ball through the hoops, in order from 1 to 6.
  • Next the second team’s Alice takes a hit, knocking his/her own hedgehog through the hoops, in order.
  • The third turn belongs to the first team’s Queen. The Queen will take his/her hedgehog and aim for the second Alice’s hedghog and attempt to knock it off course and away from the hoops. This is similar to pool, where one ball is used to strike another away from the pocket.
  • Finally, the second team’s Queen will use his/her hedgehog to try and knock the first Alice’s hedgehog off course.
  • Hedgehogs that are knocked off the playing field will be brought back to the edge of the field at the estimated point of departure. If there is a disagreement on placement, the judges will decide and their ruling will be final.
  • If an Alice’s hedgehog hits the other Alice’s hedgehog, causing it to move and lose position, it will be returned to its original position. As before, Judges will decide any placement disagreements. Only Queens may legally strike an Alice’s hedgehog and change its position.
  • If one Queen’s hedgehog hits the other Queen’s hedgehog, both hedgehogs will remain where they land.
  • If a Queen’s hedgehog hits her own Alice’s hedgehog, both hedgehogs will remain where they land.
  • Please do not hit the hedgehog balls with overly great force. Launching a hedgehog into the air will result in disqualification from the game. This is for the safety of the spectators and other participants.
  • Rounds will repeat until one of the Alices’ hedgehogs completes the course of six hoops in order.
  • Due to time restraints, games will be restricted to a total of 8 rounds.
  • If no Alice has completed the course in 8 rounds, the Alice whose hedgehog has completed the most hoops (in order) wins. If there is a tie between the Alices, then the Alice whose hedgehog is closest to the next hoop is the winner. Once again, the judges will make the final ruling in the event of disagreement.
  • Winners of the semifinals will advance to the final. Losers of the semifinal will play one more time to determine 3rd place winner.

Victory Points for Croquet:

1st Place – 30 Points

2nd Place – 20 Points

3rd Place – 10 Points


Flamingo Mallet Design Rules:

  • Your mallet must be a modified lawn flamingo, no larger than 32 inches high. We recommend the Original Standing Featherstone Realmingo flamingo, as it is taller than other lawn flamingos and comes on a wooden pole, rather than metal legs.
  •  The flamingo itself must be the mallet. For example, one cannot take a croquet mallet or miniature golf putter and put a flamingo on it for decoration.
  • All flamingo mallets must have a plastic body. Metal or wooden flamingos will not be allowed into play.
  • Any aesthetic modification that does not impact safety is permissible.
  • Flamingos may not have sand or any other weight modification added to the head of the flamingo to make it heavier (like a golf club). Extra weight added to the head to provide advantage could result in unsafe hitting of the hedgehog (causing it to launch into the air, etc.)
  • Modifications that impact performance are not permitted, such as spring loaded ball launching mechanisms, etc. These could impact the safety of spectators and other participants and as such, are not allowed.
  • Flamingos must be used in the competition to be submitted for judging in the Flamingo Mallet Design competition.

Victory Points for Flamingo Mallet Design:

1st Place – 30 Points

2nd Place – 20 Points

3rd Place – 10 Points

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