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Gentleman’s Beard and Mustache Competition—The White King’s Whiskers

The King was saying, `I assure, you my dear, I turned cold to the very ends of my whiskers!’

To which the Queen replied, `You haven’t got any whiskers.’

Beard Alice

Don’t be like the White King! Whiskers are amazing, and if you’ve got glorious whiskers of any sort, this is the place to show them off! Judges will be choosing winners in the categories of:

  • Best Mustache
  • Best Mustache/Beard Combination
  • Best Alice in Wonderland Themed Whiskers

Anything goes in terms of creativity and decoration! This will not be a grooming competition—instead, contestants should have their mustache/beard pre-groomed and ready for admiration.


Any Gentleman is welcome to participate in the contest, whether associated with an airship or not. HOWEVER, if you are not part of an airship, one of the competing airships may try and convince you to join afterwards, and therefore earn your points. This year only one set of points will be available per competition. If the winners are not part of an airship or not convinced to join one, the points go unawarded to any airship. Airships will have until 3:30pm on Sunday at the convention to claim an unaffiliated winner. The winner must announce his decision to join an airship, in person, to the Games’ MC (Peter B. Slayer) before that time.

Note: Ladies have not been included in the Beard and Mustache competition because Airship Passepartout holds an annual Women’s Mustache competition during their airship party. This year it will be on Saturday night, so ladies don’t despair! You’ll have your opportunity to show off your finely crafted mustaches.

Beard and Mustache Contest Rules:

  • Contestants must have real and attached mustaches/beards for the contest. Fake mustaches/beards will not be allowed, even if crafted from natural hair.
  • Contestants may participate in more than one category (Best Mustache and Best Alice in Wonderland Themed Whiskers, for example). Judging is separate for each category.
  • To partake in the Alice in Wonderland Themed contest, your whiskers must be clearly related to Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass in some form, but does not have to be a particular character.
  • Mustaches/beards should be pre-groomed before the contest.
  • Embellishment is accepted and encouraged in any category. Creativity is very much encouraged and one may use anything to decorate or sculpt their whiskers.
  • Any type of grooming aid is permissible. This includes curling irons, pomades, oils, and waxes.
  • Contestants should prepare a short introduction for themselves.
  • Contestants must be willing to be photographed during and after the event by a Symposium photographer.

Victory Points for the Contest:

  • Best Mustache = 20 Points
  • Best Mustache/Beard Combination  = 20 Points
  • Best Alice in Wonderland Themed Whiskers  = 20 Points

Sign Up for the Contest HERE


To officially register your Airship or Steampunk Group in the Symposium Games, open the link below, and enter the chance to win glory, prizes, the Symposium Trophy, and four weekend badges to 2017 International Steampunk Symposium

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