Symposium Feed Back Session

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Symposium Feed Back Session

Presented by Aloysius Fox

Meet the director of the International Steampunk Symposium for an opportunity to give face to face feed back on what you felt worked well with this year’s Symposium, and what you feel could be improved for 2016.

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These sessions are a fun informal discussion that usually turn more into something akin to the director’s commentary on a DVD . . . learn some of the things that went into putting the show together, the things that didn’t quite make it for one reason or the other, and the ideas that were so crazy that it’s a good thing that they didn’t make it!


Fox DragonCon 2014Aloysius Fox is no one of consequence, but some have labelled him a “gentleman provocateur” for his role in directing and hosting numerous Pandora Society events such as the Symposium. Frequently people question whether his British accent is real, and further still others question whether he is even actually from this planet . . .

To learn more about other sessions, workshops, and special events please visit the International Steampunk Symposium Schedule . . . your invaluable guide to getting around the world in 48 hours!



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