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One of the top Chap Hop artists in the world, Sir Reginald Pikedevant, Esquire first rose to the notice of the Steampunk community with his humorous YouTube music video, “Just Glue Some Gears on It (and Call It Steampunk)”, which now has over 800,000 views.

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Sir Reginald puts music through the Steampunk blender, combining the tiny rap subgenre of Chap Hop with the sounds of Victorian music-hall songs and barbershop quartets; all infused with the dry wit of a P.G. Wodehouse character.

Sir Reginald inspires the hundreds of underground Chap Hop garage bands, and Steampunk builders every day.

You can preview more of Sir Reginald’s music on his YouTube channel.

Sir Reginald will be performing Saturday night on the main stage in the Ferrara Room as part of the Symposium Ball. His performance begins at 10:00 PM.

To learn more about other sessions, workshops, and special events please visit the International Steampunk Symposium Schedule . . . your invaluable guide to the topsy turvy realm of Wonderland!

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