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FASA Games Inc. will be at the International Steampunk Symposium to present their latest tabletop roleplaying and miniatures war games.

We are a tabletop roleplaying game and miniatures wargame company. While our flagship product, Earthdawn, is perhaps best described as post apocalyptic high fantasy, our other products include Demonworld, Fading Suns, and 1879. That last brings us to the Steampunk Symposium . . . 


What if magic returned to the Earth in the late Victorian era, as the result of a science experiment gone badly wrong? What if it opened up a whole new world for the British Empire to expand into? What if that world was already inhabited? The -punk in Steampunk implies clashing with the established order.


Our game delves into issues of class, colonization, empire, race, and gender, in a swashbuckling pulp adventure world where cavalry officers cast fireballs, dwarves drive trains, and elves hack into Analytical Engines for business and governmental secrets.

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FASA Games Inc. – located in Carpenter’s Run III

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