Symposium 2017 Session – Of Aether and Alchemy

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Of Aether and Alchemy.

Presented by Phoebe Darqueling.

Steampunk writers love to create things like aether-powered airships and make their villains into alchemists, but with little understanding of where aether theory even came from or how the Victorians thought it worked.

Mad Scientist City of Lost Children

This session will show the scientific underpinnings of the theory and its relationship to the alchemical arts, and tell the story of the man who cheated to keep the idea of aether alive long after it was proven false.

Phoebe DarquelingPhoebe Darqueling is editor of the Steampunk site For Whom The Gear Turns; she also writes for the Steampunk Journal and The Pandora Society. Her background is in Anthropology, Art History and Museum Studies; her approach to online media is to see it as a sort of living digital museum that she gets to curate.



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