Symposium 2017 Session – A History of Beers and Ales of the World

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A History of Beers and Ales of the World

Presented by Professor Horatio Hops

Prof. Horatio Hops and his Amazing Steambrewery Present: A Brief Victorian Dissertation on the History of the Beers & Ales of the World!


Join Professor Hops and take a whimsical Steampunk jaunt through the world of Beers & Ales of the world. Where did they come from? How did they make them? Where are they today? With a special look on how to serve these tasty barley elixirs. Answers and explanations about some of the most unique brews ever crafted. And, well yes of course, there are a few samples.

Professor Horatio Hops (aka Patrick Quackenbush) is an author, naturalists/biologists, college instructor and historical interpreter who has spoken to thousands on various natural and cultural subjects. A passion for uncovering unique historical brew recipes led to a long relationship with gold medal winning brewing. Using his unique brand of story telling and hands-on presentation style, along with a bit of whimsy creates an unforgettable learning experience.

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