Symposium 2017 Gaming – 1879: The Worst of Both Worlds

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1879: The Worst of Both Worlds.

Presented by Andrew Ragland

1879 is a Steampunk tabletop roleplaying game from FASA Games.


The shaman’s ancestral mentor has brought news and a demand. One of the human invaders has been skulking around the tribe’s pilgrimage site, and has stolen a talisman from one of the altars. The shaman must lead an investigation.

fasa-1879-art-2Why are the Red Men not respecting the agreements and staying on their own lands? Will the tribe have to negotiate with the Red Men all over again, and how can they trust the humans to keep their word a second time if they have broken it from the first?

Must help be sought from a larger, rival tribe to push back the humans, or is there something else going on here? In this scenario, the players take the part of the Saurids, the indigenous race of the Grosvenor World, with an opportunity to look at the human colonization effort from the other side.



Andrew Ragland, line developer for 1879 with FASA Games Inc., has been playing tabletop roleplaying games since the late 1970s, and writing them for the past twenty years.

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