Sunday Summary – September 28th, 2014

Sunday Summary BannerSo what did you miss this week?


Young VictoriaCCE14 Guy Dillon Lady LokiMonday, September 23rd, an 18-year-old became the Queen of England, we looked at Guy Dillon’s pictures from the Cincinnati Comic Expo, and we brought you the Sunday Summary on Monday . . .



NeptunePaul McGannTuesday, September 23rd, the planet Neptune was officially discovered, Paul McGann read the famous “Hello Stonehenge” speech from “The Pandorica Opens,” and we wished Jason Carter a Happy Birthday!



HenriGiffardsSteamShipKate BushWednesday, September 24th, the first steerable dirigible took flight, and examined Kate Bush’s song “Cloudbusting” for its steampunk and dieselpunk merits.



Leonardo_Torres_Quevedo2014.09 Kollig HandlesThursday, September 25th, Nikola Tesla’s “Teleautomaton” is developed into the working Telekino, and we looked at some of Brian Kollig’s pictures from the Cincinnati Comic Expo Super Hero and Doctor Who cosplay photo shoots.



Babbage EngineHuty1677729Friday, September 26th, Machine Gun Kelly give the Fed’s a nickname, and we explored Ancient Computers.




NASA Warp EngineLeon_Cogniet_-_Jean-Francois_ChampollionSaturday, September 27th, the French crack the Rosetta Stone, and we engage our Warp Engines.





metre-kilopatrick-stewart-as-gurney-halleck-in-duneSunday, September 28th, the French are at it again and measuring in metric, we looked back on the 1984 movie adaptation of Dune, and brought you the Sunday Summary . . . if somewhat later than usual.




This coming week we get ready for the unveiling of the new Cincinnati Halloween Masquerade, announce our next contest, and much more.

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