Sunday Summary (on Monday?) – September 21st, 2014

Sunday Summary BannerThe Sunday Summary on a Monday? Yeah, sorry about that . . . as you may have figured we had an amazingly busy weekend at the Cincinnati Comic Expo 🙂


British_Mark_I_male_tank_Somme_25_September_1916Steamboy PosterMonday, September 15th, we rolled in the tanks for the first time ever, and we started the countdown of The Pandora Society’s pick of the Top Ten Steampunk Films starting with No.10 & No.9.




Tuesday, September 16th, anarchists blew up Wall Street in 1920, we took a look at the top ten Doctor Who costumes in our contest, and continued the movie countdown with No.8 & No.7.



Squid Nemoepisode number pic 27Wednesday, September 17th, we celebrated Harriet Tubman‘s first escape to freedom, announced the Winners of the Doctor Who Cosplay Contest, gave you films No.6 & No.5 of the countdown, and were joined by Episode 27 of The Uncommon Geek podcast.



Panic of 1873Bowie TeslaThursday, September 18th, there was financial panic across the global economy of 1873, and we looked at films No.4 & No. 3 of the countdown.




Kinetophonebis1Friday, September 19th, before Edison there was the Blackpool Illuminations, and we revealed The Pandora Society’s top two favorite Steampunk movies.




William Charles Redfield

cincinnati-comic-expoSaturday, September 20th, the American Association for the Advancement of Science was formed, and we supported the Cincinnati Comic Expo with the online schedule app.



HenriGiffardsSteamShipsell_sky_lantern_Kongming_lantern_wish_lanternSunday, September 21st, we took off with the history of airships, and that was it for the week . . .





This next week we will be offering our reports of the Cincinnati Comic Expo, the Time Travelers’ Ball, and our encounters with the Eighth Doctor Who, Paul McGann!

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