Sunday Summary – October 5th, 2014

Sunday Summary BannerSo what did you miss this week?


Monday, September 29th, we rode on the oldest electric tram way in the world, and we called out for more airships to join our directory.




Tuesday, September 30th, we looked back on two victims killed by Jack the Ripper on the same night, and added Torchwood Baker City to our directory of Steampunk groups.



Wednesday, October 1st, Thomas Edison mass produced electric lamps, and we were visited again by the Uncommon Geek podcast on the topic of video game movie tie ins.



Thursday, October 2nd, we a bit of TV . . . for the first time ever! And we asked if Panic! At the Disco could be considered a steampunk band.




Friday, October 3rdEdgar Allan Poe was found floundering in the streets of Baltimore, and we blasted back to the 90’s and into space with Space: Above and Beyond.




Saturday, October 4th, we took a ride on the Orient Express, and gathered the family around the radio to list to The X Factor.




Sunday, October 5th, a cyclone killed about 60,000 people, and then there was the Sunday Summary 🙂





This coming week we assess Cincinnati Halloween Masquerade, announce our next contest, and much more.

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