Sunday Summary – May 3rd, 2015

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So what did you miss this week?

Alas due the 2015 International Steampunk Symposium we did miss giving you a summary on April 26th, but here is your report for this week that has just gone by.

Monday, April 27th, in 1909 began the fall of the Ottoman Empire with the toppling of Abdul Hamid II, and we provided a monthly summary of crowd funded projects for Steampunk.


Tuesday, April 28th, in 1910 French aviator Louis Paulhan won the British air race from London to Manchester, we looked at the 2013 NBC show Dracula, and from last week’s International Steampunk Symposium we had a video interview with Taversia.

Dracula cast

Wednesday, April 29th, in 1882 the Germans invented the electric bus, Dr. Pembroke studied an Irish Giant, and we had a review and summary of the 2015 International Steampunk Symposium’s entertainment line-up.

Roja 2 680

Thursday, April 30th, in 1900 Casey Jones became a railroad legend when he saved a passenger train, we reviewed the book The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack, and provided the scoreboard and breakdown of the 2015 International Steampunk Symposium Games.

Final Shot Out ISS2015 Tikvah 680


Friday, May 1st, in 1851 Queen Victoria opened the Great Exhibition, we looked at Three Must-See Music Videos that Celebrate the Future, and introduced our exciting 25% discount off of the 2016 International Steampunk Symposium AND the secretive Ambassador Program.

043015 FB Banner ISS2016

Saturday, May 2nd, in 1885 Good Housekeeping magazine was first published, we revisited a Symposium Session with Food from the Symposium: France and Vietnam, and then review the entries and winners of the 2015 International Steampunk Symposium Curiosities Exhibit.

Claudius Van Der Graffe's Gossamer the Dragon and Farrady the Sloth

Sunday, April 12th, in 1913 the first Indian silent movie was released to the public, we released our 2015 International Steampunk Symposium entertainment poll and survey for your feedback, and then it was time for a new look Sunday Summary 🙂

Travis ISS2015 680

Coming Next Week . . .

Planning is underway already for the 2016 International Steampunk Symposium, and the application form for speakers, presenters, and performers will be released next week; plus more book and film reviews, and our usual quirky mash up of all things past and future.


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