Sunday Summary – August 3rd, 2014

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A look back on the week for things that you may have missed . . .


Willeford Iron ManGandersnitch 680x400Monday, July 28th, we took a look at the start of the Spanish-American war in 1898, got initial results for 48 hours of voting in the Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets contest, promoted Gandersnitch the Goblin’s Kickstarter for a his book, and looked at another fundraiser to revive and improve Tesla’s projects for wireless electricity. 


Motorcycle Race 1McGann TTB 680x400Tuesday, July 29th, our trip back in history peeked at the first ever motorcycle race, and then we gave you an opportunity to have your picture taken with an actual time lord, Paul McGann! Another trip back in time brought us to the Society of Mutual Autopsy. The day concluded with an introduction to sideshow freak Travis Fessler.


FTR AlexTempus Fugit LogoWednesday, July 30th, we started the day with the invention of the cornflake, had another contest update, featured Ford Theatre Reunion as part of the Time Travelers’ Ball line up, and added Airship Tempus Fugit to the Midwest Steampunk Directory.


Airship CuriosityAUTOMATON MaverickThursday, July 31st, Europe carved up Africa, there was another contest update, the Time Travelers’ Ball feature was AUTOMATON, and Airship Curiosity was added to the Midwest Steampunk listings.



Angie VendorSir Reginald Pikedevant, EsquireFriday, August 1stslavery ended in the British Empire, and the 2015 Steampunk Symposium vendor applications went live. It was also the last day to vote in the contest, and we proudly added Sir Reginald Pikedevant, Esquire to the Time Travelers’ Ball line up of performers.


640px-First_parachute2Chakras Banner 680Saturday, August 2nd, was the night of the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon, but we started the day with a parachute fall. The Time Travelers’ Ball continued to grow with Chakras, we invited Makers to share their stories, and Travis recalled a creepy Russian guy’s “life saving” advice on dental hygiene.


West FettArchduke Franz Ferdinand Sunday, August 3rd, 100 hundred years ago the First World War got started, and today the Old West Festival Costume Contest got started as well. Finally we got the results of the previous contest published online . . . and now we’re here on this article that you’re reading now 🙂



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