Sunday Summary – August 31st, 2014

Sunday Summary Banner So did you miss anything this week? Here’s a look back on the articles we posted this week . . .


Moon Hoax 2Gary BarclayMonday, August 25th, we revealed the greatest hoax of the 19th century with the Bat People of the Moon, continued the Doctor Who Cosplay Contest with Gary Barclay’s 8th Doctor, and added Capitol Steam of Lansing, MI to the list of Midwest Steampunk Groups.



houdiniLamp 5Tuesday, August 26thHarry Houdini freed himself from chains while sinking to the bottom of a lake, we taught you how to make an Aether Lamp on a budget, and Josh Breece joined the Doctor Who contest with his 10th Doctor cosplay.



Kellogg Peace FailKellogg PeaceWednesday, August 27th, and in 1928 war is outlawed . . . for about 11 years, our Steampunk Librarian reviewed the novel Empress of the Sun, and Bridget Elm entered the Doctor Who Cosplay Contest.




golden compass movie posterDave Kufner 1Thursday, August 28th, we recalled an extra giant Aurora Borealis and looked at The Golden Compass novel, our latest Doctor was presented by Dave Kufner for the Doctor Who Costume Contest, and we reminded you that the deadline for the Time Travelers’ Ball drawing was drawing near.



The AshesHotel Camping 4Friday, August 29th, the Australians “killed” British Cricket, we shared some pictures from DragonCon, and a popular article was on Hotel Room Camping, and Susan K. Topa presented her 7th Doctor outfit for the Doctor Who contest.



Vladimir Lenin 3Betty Lickman 2Saturday, August 30th, Russian Premiere Vladimir Lenin was shot twice, Betty Lickman entered her Weeping Angel costume for the Doctor Who cosplay contest, and I recalled a few details from Friday’s DragonCon.



thomasedison-jpgDrW_2734417bSunday, August 31st, Edison is at it again, this time with the patent of a movie camera, the Doctor Who  contest was joined by Julie Barman and her Madame Vastra cosplay, and TODAY is the LAST day to enter the Time Travelers’ Drawing to have your picture taken with Paul McGann and a T.A.R.D.I.S.


Be sure to follow the Pandora Society next week as we bring you more Doctor Who costume entries, more This Day in History, and beyond!

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