Sunday Summary – August 17th, 2014

Sunday Summary Banner So did you miss anything this week? Here’s a look back on the articles we posted this week . . .


Emily Equestrious

2014.08 OWF Contest Sq VOTEMonday, August 11th, we began the week with the invention of roller skates, and then launched into all the latest entries for the Old West Festival ONLINE Costume Contest, Emily EquestriousReginald EverlastGery L. DeerZebulon Vitruvius Pike, and The MarshalThen it was time for the voting to begin, before introducing the Promethean Society to the Midwest Steampunk Directory.


1908-ford-model-t-photo-338173-s-1280x782nanomedicine_io9Tuesday, August 12th, we looked at the birth of the Model T Ford car, got scientific with nanites.





Kiosk_K1Flo Svensson 2Wednesday, August 13th, we examined the history of the first coin operated pay phone, were dazzled by the Steampunk Star Trek art of Flo Stevenson, and gave you another reminder about the T.A.R.D.I.S. photo op with Paul McGann.



Henry_David_Thoreauloveland42Thursday, August 14thHenry David Thoreau got thrown in jail for not paying his taxes in 1846, we announced that we were going to GenCon in Indianapolis (more about that in the next couple of days), and Travis explained the history of Loveland Castle just outside Cincinnati, including the mystery of the Frog Man.

1280px-PanamaCanal1913aAUTOMATON 2Friday, August 15th, saw the completion of the Panama Canal in 1914, an update of results in the Old West Festival ONLINE Costume Contest, and Jessica gave us a very detailed interview with Steampunk heavy metal band AUTOMATON.



Bunker 2Airship Passepartout LogoSaturday, August 16th, Chang and Eng debuted in Boston in 1829 as the Siamese Twins “curiosity,” we looked at the work of a Maker known as Gunny, and Dayton, Ohio’s Airship Passepartout joined the listings of the Midwest Steampunk Directory




The Marshal

Sunday, August 17th, the first U.S. airmail attempted a flight from Indiana to New York, today is the LAST chance to VOTE for your favorite Old West Steampunk outfit, and now here you are reading the Sunday Summary . . .


heavy_gear_flourish OWF

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