Sunday Summary – August 10th, 2014

Sunday Summary Banner So did you miss anything this week? Here’s a look back on the articles we posted this week . . .

Remember BelgiumDr.Robert's Traveling Odditorium LogoMonday, August 4th, we started the week with the start of fighting 100 years earlier with World War One, and summarized the events of the August Cincinnati Steampunk SalonWe also added Dr. Robert’s Traveling Odditorium to the Midwest Steampunk Alliance listing.


civil war soldiersmoonTuesday, August 5th, historical war continued as we looked at how the American Civil War gave rise to Federal Income Tax. The Time Travelers’ Ball was updated with details of Zahara’s Tangled Web belly dance troupe, and we looked back to 1996 at a Steampunk music video by The Smashing Pumpkins.


ThomasEdisonmcgann-outfit1Wednesday, August 6th, Thomas Edison was instrumental in killing William Kemmler, we reminded you how you could get a T.A.R.D.I.S. photo op with Paul McGann, we pondered if Napoleon was the real cause of the First World War, and the Uncommon Geek podcast looked at Epic Con Geek Fest.


2014.08 OWF Contest SqThe-Writer-automatonThursday, August 7th, was the 126th anniversary of the revolving door, we featured Caelyn Tek, our first entry for the Old West Festival contest, looked at 18th and 19th century automatons and Doctor Who, and promoted Airship Passepartout’s Olde Yellow Cabaret.



Gary Stokerbitch-fightFriday, August 8th, Edison is at it again, patenting the “Autographic Printing” deviceGary A. Stoker gave us our second entry for the Old West Festival contest, Travis got shocking with Jerry Springer, and we got an “in character” account of a diplomatic meeting between the Clan of Teks and the Circle City Aerodrome.


Betty Boop Dizzy Dishes20130313064901!Tik-TokSaturday, August 9th, we celebrated the 84th birthday of cartoon bombshell Betty Boop, the Old West Festival contest continued with the addition of the Yakuza Cowgirl, and we explored the first robots to appear in fiction.



Jessica Jonesjasper 3Sunday, August 10th, we learned how Cincinnati, Ohio has had eleven race riots, the Old West Festival ONLINE Costume Contest featured Lady Elora Lionheart, and we highlighted the BEST Steampunk Film ever made



. . . and NOW you are all caught up on this week’s posts on The Pandora Society 🙂

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