Summer Reading Program–East of the Sun

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Welcome to the first ever Pandora Society Summer Reading Program! The goal is to travel the world, learn about different cultures, read lots of books, and win prizes. Yes, you heard correctly, prizes.

What is East of the Sun? “East of the Sun, West of the Moon” is one of the world’s oldest fairytales, most likely originating somewhere in Russia. It tells the story of a girl who loses her beloved and must travel to the land that is east of the sun and west of the moon in order to regain him. Elements of the story can be found in fairytales such as Cupic and Psyche, or Beauty and the Beast.

We will be exploring all the countries of the world be dividing them up into eight different regions. Each week we’ll talk about a different part of the world, suggest some reading from that region and interview an author or other interesting person. There will be games, giveaways, and cultural diversity for all! The schedule is as follows:

sw-coverJune 1st–Introduction and roadmap

June 5–The Far East
June 8–Interview with Donna Jo Napoli

June 12–Russia and the Caucasus
June 15–Interview with John Colarusso

June 19–Celtic Europe
June 22–Interview with Simon Morden

June 26–Mediterranea and North Africa
June 20–Interview with Sarah Hans

July 3–Scandinavia
July 6–Interview with Amy Kuivalainen

cvr9780689861789_9780689861789_hrJuly 10–The Middle East
July 13–Interview with Kerry Nietz

July 17–North and South America
July 20–Interview with Rachel Aaron

July 24–Oceania (and Everywhere Else)
July 27–Interview with Doug Van Belle

July 31st–Conclusion

How to Play

Anybody can participate in the program by simply coming by the blog and reading the interviews and blog posts. However, if you wish to be eligible for prizes, you must register before July 1st. During the program make sure to keep a list of all the books you read and take note if they’re set in non-western/European cultures. At the end of July an email will be sent to registered participants requesting your final reading list for the month. Points will be awarded based on number of books reading, with bonus points for cultural diversity. The reader with the most point will win the Grand Prize, consisting of a stack of culturally diverse print books. Two additional participants will be selected via a random drawing for smaller prizes. Registration is easy. Simply fill out this form and submit.

Are you ready to read the world?

Katie Lynn Daniels is the author of Supervillain of the Day, and the mastermind behind Vaguely Circular. She blogs about science and things that are peripherally related to science. You can read all her posts here.


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