Steampunk Weekend at the Kentucky Renaissance Fair

This coming weekend sees the Fourth Annual Steampunk Weekend at the Kentucky Renaissance Fair on June 20th & 21st, 2015 and the Pandora Society will be there to host the Steampunk shenanigans!

KYRF 2014

Since the summer of 2012, the Pandora Society and the International Steampunk Symposium have joined the Kentucky Renaissance Fair to host annual Steampunk activities amid all the medieval and fairy fun.

The Fair is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, and during this decade it has certainly distinguished itself as a wonderful festival with a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Perhaps the first thing that people notice is all the trees! About a third of the Fair grounds winds through forested land with shops, activities, and surprises around each twist and turn . . . and of course, plenty of shade from the summer heat! There is also a higher ratio of attendees in costume that adds a great deal to the atmosphere of the Fair.

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The Pandora Society at the first KY Ren Fair Steampunk Weekend in 2012.

Located in Eminence, Kentucky, the Fair is a reasonable drive from major cities such as Louisville, Lexington, and Cincinnati, and many Steampunks from these areas make the annual trip to travel back in time and converge in the realm of King Bruce. The gates open at 10AM and remain open until 7PM, and admission is $15 for adults, $8 for children aged 6 years to 12 years, and children 5 or younger get in for free. Also because it’s Father’s Day weekend, all Dads get in for free when accompanied by a paying guest.

The Pandora Society table will once more be located in Mikaela’s Inn where you can sign up for the Steampunk contests such as the best dressed man, woman, or child, and we may even have some foam dart dueling! Prizes from the Kentucky Renaissance Fair and the Pandora Society, and glory are yours to win this weekend . . . so set your time machines to the time of Robert the Bruce and head to Eminence, Kentucky this weekend!

Learn more from the official Kentucky Renaissance Fair site, and be sure to RSVP to the Pandora Society Facebook Event Page.


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2 Responses to “Steampunk Weekend at the Kentucky Renaissance Fair

  • This Sunday marks a difficult time for someone close to my heart. He lost his father due to a massive heart attack. Ryan’s Father was a regular vender, from my understanding a common fixture among Highland’s unique brood. His name is Michael Stewart, a crafter of leather and other fine materials. I ask the Pandora society, if anyone knew, shared time or has photographs of Michael, to please contact me. I know his son will need more to help remember his Father, how he would surrounded by the wonder and excitement of the Faire.
    thank you for any help you could direct.
    From one passionate lover of life to Another.
    Dana Kubinsky

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