Steampunk Symposium – Fett vs. Fett

2x4 Ashby

Danny Ashby

2x4 Strangeway

John Strangeway

“He’s worth more to me alive,” and he’s worth more to our charity partner NAMI; as part of our charity fundraiser these two Steampunk Boba Fetts will have a weekend long showdown to see which is the greater bounty hunter of the aether.

Starting on Friday, April 25th attendees of the Symposium will be able to place a price on the heads of other attendees by making a donation to NAMI. Both Fetts will be given the target’s details and the first to capture the bounty will receive the credit for the NAMI donation. Captured bounties will be taken to the heart of the aether’s crime lords where they will be “frozen” in carbon-night for all to see (details coming later).

Upon Closing Ceremonies on Sunday, April 27th we will learn which Boba Fett captured the most bounties for charity, and which will walk away with the title of best bounty hunter in the aether.

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