Steampunk Short Story Sunday

writer man Ladies and Gentlemen of the creative writing persuasion, we invite you to share your tales with our readers. Coming soon we would like to publish Steampunk Short Stories each Sunday throughout the year for the reading pleasure of the Pandora Society.

Writers retain all the rights to their work, but you just grant us permission to publish it electronically on this site if selected. Story length should be under 7,500 words. We reserve the right to make minor editing changes to basic things like spelling and grammar, but hopefully you already have had an editor do this work . . . and if it’s far too messy then we shall politely return it with a recommendation that you find an editor 🙂

vernaeronefBetween now and the 2015 International Steampunk Symposium, each story submitted will automatically be entered into our Steampunk Short Story Contest (unless you’d prefer it not to be considered in the contest) to which our judges will award a prize for the best written story; this award will be announced and presented the weekend of the Symposium and become and annual recognition for the short stories published on The Pandora Society.

If this takes off the way that we hope it will, there are also plans to compile some of the best stories into the International Steampunk Symposium Anthology of Tales & Intrigue with artwork that will be published in book format and come out each year for the Symposium. Selected authors and artists in the anthology will receive a share of the sales.

If you are interested in submitting one or more of your Steampunk Short Stories, please CONTACT US and we’ll take it from there. We look forward to reading your prose and igniting our imaginations!


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