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In the world of fandoms, Steampunks sometimes (no . . . more like often) have a bit of a reputation of taking themselves too seriously, so it is healthy for us to occasionally take a moment to laugh at ourselves and remind each other that the primary ingredient of Steampunk culture is folly and mirth.


The latest satirists to take on the growing popularity of Steampunk and turn it topsy turvy are Key & Peele giving us our latest definition of Steampunk as “Jules Verne and shit.”


Another great skit comes from Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen in Portlandia . . . please forgive the picture quality of this clip; the original format has been removed from YouTube 🙁

The crew members of the Airship Isabella (not to be mistaken with the New Orleans Airship Isabella) featured in this sketch are actually members of the Portland Steampunk Society.

heavy_gear_flourishOne of the earliest Steampunk parodies came from The Guild when Clara and Tinkerballa encounter Steampunks at a convention. Clara is enthralled to learn more about the group, but Tinkerballa manages to dismiss the group with the cutting definition “Steampunk . . . the Eurotrash of Nerdom.”

It’s good to see the humor in what we do . . . if ever things start getting too serious I like to remind myself that we’re grown ups who still like to play dress up, laugh, and then move on . . . full steam ahead!

PS: What other Steampunk parodies and satires do you like? Please welcome to leave suggestions in the comments box below 🙂




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