Steampunk Crowdfunding Roundup October 2016 Edition

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What’s Happening Right Now?


Children of Sin Manga, Ends Nov. 4

It is a time of darkness where clockwork powers the world. Evil permeates society causing great mayhem, and man’s morals are questioned. Kain, tortured by his past sins, seeks to earn redemption by saving mankind. But can he, whom the gods no longer praise, redeem himself?

The Seven Deadly Sins have taken corporeal form in our world:

  • Pride is an orphan, who along with his brother, got adopted by a high class assassin.
  • Envy is a rich girl who was shipped off to dancing school.
  • Greed was a street urchin who had to become a thief to survive.
  • Wrath worked at a steel plant that made the cogs that turn the town.
  • Lust is a high class French stripper who seems to be in the wrong place at the right time…. all of the time.
  • Gluttony is a baker from the Netherlands who takes a bite out of his problems.
  • Sloth is an ex-opium addict and just so happens to be Greed’s older sister.

Then there is Depression who has lived her whole life in a cemetery.

Kain, the last piece of the puzzle, runs away after betraying his students. Now that he has escaped the Darkness’ great hold on him, he looks to reverse all the evil that he and his followers have caused. Azrael, his mysterious butler and bodyguard, is put into his service to help control the chaos, but he has an agenda of his own.

My Favorite Reward: $10 to get a PDF of the finished book.

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Steampunk Universe: A diverse steampunk anthology featuring aneurotypical and disabled characters ends Nov. 6.

coverWe keep getting told that steampunk is not diverse. We want to keep proving them wrong.

Two and a half years ago, we brought you the award-winning anthology Steampunk World, a diverse collection of steampunk fiction. Since then, there have been a number of other prominent anthologies and works of diverse steampunk fiction. That is exactly what we hoped would happen.

But it is not enough.

We want to see even more diversity. We want to see characters like all our friends and all the members of our families. We want fully developed characters in steampunk – and all fiction – who are disabled or aneurotypical. We want more than “token” characters, and clichéd plots.

We were told it was too hard – especially in a genre like steampunk.

We are going to prove them wrong again…and we want you to join us.

My Favorite Reward: $20 pledge gets you a printed copy the anthology, plus digital copies across multiple platforms and a bonus short story anthology by my friend Andrew Knighton.

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Victorian Bareknuckle League, Ends Nov. 24

victorian-bareknuckleVictorian Bareknuckle League is a steampunk tale of bloody knuckles and high crime set in a fantasy era Victorian London. Young Millicent Figg witnesses the brutal murder of her lover at a bareknuckle bout and sets out for revenge. Aided by the world’s greatest detective she attempts to find those responsible before she becomes as violent and ruthless as those she is fighting against…

Men, women, children. Gin soaked thieves and claret swilling aristocrats. Slaves and kings. Weathered fishermen, navvies carved from the earth by hardship and toil. The bold, the beautiful, the circus freaks, the forgotten urchins and street dwellers. Gypsies, brothel madams, conjurers and illusionists. The occultists and the strange. Con men and piss artists. Pearly kings and queens. Chinese and Jewish immigrants. The Irish, Scottish, Londoners, Yorkshiremen. The clergy, the revolutionaries. All come looking for death, glory and redemption in the Victorian Bareknuckle League.

My Favorite Reward: 4 GBP gets you a digital copy of the 20-page, fully illustrated book.

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Cyan Eyed, Ends Nov. 4

Watch the video:

It was in the first quarter of 2013, as production of my animated short film, The Rose of Turaida, was coming to an end, I was deciding what to do next. I then though about wanting to do something exciting with lot’s of energy, something that looks really cool. Cyan Eyed is a swashbuckling steampunk adventure that focuses on a rescue attempt, using visually spectacular action sequences. The title of Cyan Eyed is in fact an anagram of ‘eye candy’, and that is exactly what we are making: an awesome looking film that will leave a memorable lasting impression.

Concept art for the location Crystal Rock Landing
Concept art for the location Crystal Rock Landing

My Favorite Reward: 10 AUD (about $8) get the digital download of the film plus the rewards at lower tiers like a digital wallpaper.

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Phoebe Darqueling is an aspiring novelist who blogs about Steampunk from Michigan. In 2017, she’ll be coordinating a collaborative Steampunk novel and there’s still time for writers to sign up! Click the image below for more info.

Like my reviews? Check out more cool stuff at my website!

Like my reviews? Check out more cool stuff at my website!

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