Steampunk Crowdfunding Roundup: May 2016

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What’s Going on Right Now?


Ungodly Goodies, Ends June 4

Watch the video:

Ungodly Goodies is a multi-faceted Artisan horror company focused on Wicca, gothic, steampunk, pinup and oddity apparel that’s here for the long-term so join us and help grow this unique brand!

We ship anywhere in the world!

All shirts are available in Men’s and Women’s but all are black.  Tank Tops also available.

Here’s a look at our tees:

My favorite reward: $25 pledge gets you a shirt of your choosing.

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Forbidden Two, Ends July 9

Watch the video:

Our team consist of independent filmmakers. We hope to raise a modest goal to make this project come to life!  Right now we are aiming to make the Pilot episode as a “proof of concept” with the hope of shopping the show around and eventually moving onto a full season…

The series follows Claudia L’Martinaire, a Nunne’hi on her first mission to Earth, and how her world is turned upside down when Tristan, an up and coming inventor, walks into her life as she searches for the human she is meant to protect.

My favorite reward: $20 pledge gets you a Steampunk coloring book!

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Mists of Akuma: Eastern Fantasy Noir Steampunk for D&D 5E, Ends May 30

Watch the video:


My favorite reward: $20 pledge gets you a PDF of the game.

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Ictus: Tabletop Warfare, Ends June 22

Watch the video:

Titan Zero Industries presents Ictus, a table top wargame set in the Stempunk apocalypse of 1909. Ictus features high quality miniatures, six unique factions, an all new stacking rule set and multiple game modes including cooperative play.

My favorite reward: $40 pledge gets a set of miniatures worth $50

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Performing Arts

The Spectre of Knox Mill, Ends June 11

Watch the video:

Between 2012 and 2014, we four musicians converged over a set of common grievances.  The world in which we live sharply divided between “entertainment” and “art” with little room for overlap.  It often felt like there was a vast ‘no-man’s land’ in between high opera and it’s closest relative, musical theater.  Compelling pieces that appeal to modern sensibilities that are performed with a high caliber of vocal training and are few and far between.  “Where are the mainstream operas?” Friends would ask.  “We can have exciting, relate-able, stories with twists and turns AND beautiful singing with songs we want to hum, can’t we?”

My favorite reward: $20 for a download of the album.

Phoebe Darqueling’s debut Steampunk/urban fantasy novel, Riftmaker, will come out Dec. 2016! Follow her journey by clicking below.

Like my reviews? Check out more cool stuff at my website!

Like my reviews? Check out more cool stuff at my website!

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