Steampunk Crowdfunding Roundup – Aug 2016 Edition

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Adventure: A Collection of Steampunk Short Stories, Ends Sept. 5

We are the Citizens of Antiford, a steampunk collective of amateur cosplayers, artists, and authors. Our fictional world was created about 6 years ago and we’ve been active in the steampunk community and growing ever since. We held a challenge for our members to write short stories worthy of publication. We selected six stories that represent the idea of adventure in the Citizens of Antiford’s world.

If you’re interested in discovering more about us and our world, there’s a plethora of stories, videos, comics, and more on our community’s website

My Favorite Reward: $15 pledge gets you a paperback copy and a choice of bookmark

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Airships of Oberon (Tabletop Game), Ends Aug. 5

Game componentsAirships of Oberon is a fun, highly social strategy game in which you go on missions to pick up and deliver Flux Artifacts for experience points. The Artifacts are in short supply so you’ll be chasing other players and using Anti-magnetic Effects to get the ones you need. When you gain 36 experience you become a Flux Master. Then you can complete your final Mission: capture the three keys and bring them to Oberon City to win the game!

My Favorite Reward: If you can’t afford the $50 for the full game, you can get a “print and play” version for an $8 pledge.

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Columnae: A Past Under Construction, Ends Aug. 9


COLUMNAE: A Past Under Construction is a Windows/Mac/Linux nonlinear point & click adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic steampunk world. The story of COLUMNAE is set more than a century after an environmental catastrophe made the air on the surface of the earth unbreathable, and the rich locked themselves up in Deus: a closed heavenly settlement built upon gigantic metal pillars called Columnae. Beneath Columnae, a huge apparatus Machina was built to automatically extract underground resources and pump them up via pipes, through Columnae and into Deus. Trying to escape the lethal environment on the surface, those not wealthy enough settled in Columnae, where they now live by parasitizing on resources coming from Machina. Not only unable to enter Deus, but also unwilling to cooperate with people living on nearby Cliffs, the society of Columnae is plagued by corruption, political manipulation, power struggle and poverty.

Columnae still

My Favorite Reward: $14 pledge and you get the game, plus lovely digital artwork

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Tinkerbits Steampunk Meeples (Tabletop Gaming), Ends Aug 21


Meeples are iconic in the tabletop gaming world.  They have many uses and are great little tactile toys.  Giving them a Tinkerish steampunk twist is something that we’ve wanted to do for a couple of years.  They started in Carcassonne, but meeples can find a home almost anywhere.

As for offering them in metal, well, that’s just one of the things that we enjoy.  There’s just something nice about the heavier, solid feel of metal game components, and they bring a certain panache to the table.  It’s not necessary for them to be metal to be playable, and yes, they are more costly than wood or plastic, but we think it’s worth it.

My Favorite Reward: $14 for 5 of these adorable little guys

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Other Fun Projects

Time Flies: Levitating Nixie Clock, Ends Aug. 19

From an early age we are aware of the laws of physics and their effect on how the world around us behaves. If we pick up an object, it has weight. If we place it on another object, such as a table, shelf or the floor, it will rest upon it. If we drop it, it will fall. We become so used to this behaviour that any exception is a surprise and delight. Remember the first time you saw a helium filled balloon, straining to escape, fighting the ties of gravity? Even though levitated objects have become increasingly common, there is still the air of magic about them.  When the levitated object is radiating energy you know it cannot be generating in itself, the illusion of magic is complete…

Nixie clock

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Phoebe Darqueling is an aspiring writer and blogger of all things Steampunk. She moves around a lot, but her heart will always belong to Minnesota.

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