Steampunk Crowdfunding April Roundup

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Ever since I launched my own Kickstarter campaign for Steam Tour: An American Steampunk in London in April 2014 I have been keeping tabs on all the cool Steampunk projects on that site. These intrepid makers are looking for a little nudge from folks like you to make their dreams a reality.

Here’s what’s on tap for April/May 2015


Sigmund Shaw: A Steampunk Adventure ends April 30th

Sigmund Shaw
“I have created a character named Sigmund Shaw who lives in an alternative steampunk London.  Taking care of his sister and his niece, in legal and some not-so-legal ways, has led him into circumstances that have wrongly made him the most wanted man in all of the British Empire.” Read more

Steam Trek: Airship Enterprise, ends May 17th

Airship Enterprise

“My name is Brian Denham. I have been drawing comics professionally since 1994. I have worked on many high profile comic and TV characters like Iron Man, X-Files, Angel, Battlestar Galactica, The Six Million Dollar Man, Knight Rider, and a host of others. I am the creator, artist and writer of Airship Enterprise.” Read more

Victorian Gothic and Steampunk Magazine, ends May 21st

Check out the video:

“We announced the magazine at Teslacon 5 and were met with enthusiasm and excitement from the Steampunk community in the Midwest.  We have contributors all around the country and supporters all around the world.  We only lack one thing and that is the money to have the publication printed locally so that we can offer subscriptions, one thing that so many of our readers want.” Read more.

Reese and Reeves 2, ends June 2nd

Reese and Reeves 2

“Reese and Reeves takes place in a world where countries have been replaced with time period specific versions. England is now Victoria, a country full of Steampunk elements, stuck in a unending Victorian era. Another example is France, which is now Baroque, a country full of parties and grandeur. Following this theme, we have the United States of America as the States of Era, taking in elements from multiple time periods.” Read more


Westbound, a Pathfinder Extension for Steampunk fans, ends April 27th

Check out the video:

Westbound is the second book from the makers of the Pure Steam Campaign Setting. Take your game westward with unique races, new classes, archetypes, gear, and western monsters, all perfect for a rootin’ tootin’ steampunk wild west adventure. The base funding will produce a premium quality, 230-page PDF and print version chock full of Steampunk Wild West goodness.” Read more

Time: an online MMORG, ends May 11th

Check out the video:

“Time is the first Online MMORG Game from G.A.R.D. Realms LLC, Games Built by Gamer’s! We start the Game at the house of the Time Traveler in 1800’s England where he or she has just put the finishing touches on the Time Machine and all that’s left to do is test it but how far to go in time.” Read more

Other Fun Projects

Automata and Mechanical Toys, ends May 1st

Check out the video:

“I make automata and mechanical toys in Margate (by the sea) in England. I’ve have several exhibitions, both solo and with other British automata makers. I’m now preparing to develop my skills and my business further. This means buying some materials and replacing worn out tools. I set up my company, Turner Handel Traditional Toys in 2012. Since then, I have been busy making one off pieces and commissions for people looking for that special bespoke personalised gift.” Read more

Tarot of Brass and Steam, ends May 2nd

Check out the video:

“Imagine an alternate 19th century, where Edison was the Devil who made deals, and Tesla was a Magician who wanted to spread his genius across the continents.  Now also imagine that technological revolutions began to show up everywhere–sky pirates in Europe; mechanical horses on the American frontier; baroque submarines off Japan; drilling machines in Africa.  What would such a world and its people look like?  That’s the question I’ve been trying to answer these past few years–with your help, we can bring it all to fruition and see for ourselves.” Read more

Like my reviews? Check out more cool stuff at my website!

Like my reviews? Check out more cool stuff at my website!

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