SpaceFairy – Midsummer Masquerade

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The Cincinnati Midsummer Masquerade is a delightful dance of fairy folk and revelers, so who better to light up the night with fire than SpaceFairy!?

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Who is SpaceFairy?  A performer, a friend, a star waiting to fly into the sparkle of your peering eyes.  She has performed professionally for over three years and will mesmerize and delight all who watches.  Searching for those expressions of fear, wonder, and amazement from her audience . . . SpaceFairy is ready to entertain, inspire, and entice!

SpaceFairySpaceFairy (aka Livvy) is an accomplished fire performer skilled in several fire arts including but not limited to, fire breathing and eating, fans, hoop, levitation wand, and poi.

SpaceFairy has performed at this year’s Voodoo Carnival dancing with her snake Capone, and has also performed at such places as the Rock&Roll Carnival in Northside, Bogarts, and Bronycon 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland to name a few.

We are excited to see SpaceFairy join The Pandora Society for another show and display all her other talents as a performer!

052315 FB Banner MM2015A

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