So Few Agents, So Little Time

Season three of Agents of Shield is just chugging on with more revelations than you can shake a stick at. Our friendly neighborhood shrink, Andrew, is none other than the heart breaking (and removing) inhuman Lash. Phil has fallen for the stoic and snarky head of the ATCU, or has he? Fitz and Simmons and the lost astronaut Matt are in a long distance confusing love triangle. And the ATCU is actually run by one of the heads of Hydra which is sacrificing people through a portal to an inhuman on another planet that is the inspiration for Hydra. And it’s not even the weekend yet.


Do you like drawn out romantic love interests that always seem like they are just about to work and suddenly don’t at the last second?! Neither do it! But I put up with it because the rest of the show isn’t as sad to watch as Fitz and Simmons. Simmons met her new hunky space boyfriend on another planet and after a months of living in an incredibly stable underground base where nothing bad seemed to happen, she fell for him and they jumped into the sack together. And now Fitz is stuck with pulling her extra-planatary boyfriend home and safe from the least frightening and threatening bad guy I have ever seen. seriously. The bad guy on this planet walks toward you slower than Jason Vorhees. As long as you go in the opposite direction and avoid the sandstorm… or just NEVER walk into this guys clearly marked perimeter… he will never get you. Proven by the fact that this guy has been alone on the planet for fifteen years and looking none the worse for it. Seriously, there are more dangerous neighborhoods in Cincinnati. And that’s all well and good but I think I am more bothered by how everyone talks to Fitz about this. “Oh hey, are you okay with bringing her boyfriend back to this planet while you’re in love with her?” Or “No fitz… you shouldn’t have to help me, this is so wrong.” But not a single person has said, once, in a completely humane way, “Hey, maybe we should rescue this guy from a hostile alien world because it’s the right thing to do and we are fully capable of doing this?”. Seriously, nobody brings that point up ONCE.

Jemma_Simmons_and_Leo_Fitz_Agents_of_SHIELDOn the other, far more interesting side of things, we learn that the ATCU is making more Inhumans and building an army for Hydra. Now this is the kind of evil scheme I have been waiting for. And our former Shield companion, Grant Ward, is trying to remake Hydra into the type of evil organization that can beat Shield once and for all, but he learns he has come competition from up top. This leaves Phil with his new girlfriend to team up since it seems she is on the up and up. Rosalind Price, the figure-head of the ATCU, seems genuinely surprised to learn Hydra is pulling the strings on her operation, and between you and me I actually like her a bit. I think she would make a great addition to the Shield family. An addition that is sorely needed as I bring up my next point.

Where is everyone?! When the first season came along the show was about one small team within Shield. Of course Shield fell and reformed, split into two groups, and reformed again. But hey! It’s a big-ish organization again. Sure they work in the shadows, but its like the old days with the secrets and spy stuff. That being said the show isn’t about one little team anymore. Phil is the head of Shield and his little team is now one big family. So why is it that we only see four agents ever go out into the field? Or why May decided to quit for a while Phil seemed like a major branch of Shield was gone. We see other people in the background. This week Fitz even yelled at one of them. But where are the other agents? Where are the other teams doing missions? Why is it every time they leave the HEAD of Shield seems to be going out there himself with the same handful of people? I hope they answer this one soon because it bugs me a bit. So many agents and yet so few actually working it seems.

But criticisms aside I am still enjoying the show. The comic book feel is still there and if you’re a fan of fight scenes with powers, the show has that still going strong. It was good to see Daisy (Skye) even use her hacking again, something I missed. I just look forward to them wrapping up some of this love crud and get back to being a kick ass team. Also if you are looking forward to Civil War as much as I am, there are lots of hints being dropped about the turmoil the world is going through over the threat of super powered people popping up all over. All in all I don’t see myself dropping the show anytime soon. The things I harp on about as irritations don’t drown out the actual plot and I think the writing is still strong. This is definitely a show I will be seeing through to the end.


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