Six days to go!

Six days remain until the opening of Pandoracon 2012. Have you been saving your cardboard tubes? We will supply sheets of cardboard, scissors, tape, sharpies, etc. for the making of cardboard armor, and a workspace for its creation, but we are relying on Card Board Tube War combatants to supply their own weapons. Practice and armor workshops will occur throughout the weekend, but the cardboard tournament is on Sunday (Sept. 30) at noon in the Blue Ash room.

Tomorrow we shall be posting the full schedule, but to give you a taste of what panels you can attend at Pandoracon, here are some examples:

  • ConSociology 101: How to meet people at cons
  • A Male Perspective on Yaoi
  • The Lost Doctors (a look at the more obscure Doctor Whos)
  • Nerf Gun Modifications

Friday night will feature a performance from World Record breakers The Pickled Brothers Circus and their delightful mix of sideshow freakdom and classic vaudeville humor . . . look out for the steam powered sword swallowing!

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