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The song “Stay” was released by British band Shakespears Sister, in January 1992 as the second single from their album Hormonally Yours. The single was huge success, becoming the duo’s first and only No. 1 single in numerous territories, including the UK, where it topped the UK Singles Chart for eight consecutive weeks. While the song is very metaphysical, it is not essentially science fiction, however, its music video was inspired by the 1953 sci-fi b-movie Cat-Women of the Moon.

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“Stay” was the only Shakespears Sister song that featured Siobhan Fahey less prominently on vocals than Marcella Detroit, with Detroit singing the verses and lead chorus and Fahey singing the song’s dramatic bridge.

Shakespears Sister Stay 3

Siobhan Fahey as Death

The video starts with a view of space and a planet. A shooting star passes over a full moon and the song begins. The camera pans back into a hospital room that appears to be on the moon. Detroit is seen tending to her lover who is in a coma and on the verge of death, while singing to him not to leave her.

At the bridge of the song, a portal opens and Death, played by Fahey, appears at the top of a staircase, wearing a sparkling catsuit. She dances around in front of a bright light whilst mocking Detroit with a verse that she cannot save her lover and the best she can hope for is to return safely to her own world. Detroit tries her best to wake the man up, while Death slowly makes her way down the stairs to claim his soul.

The two women begin fighting over the man, making it literally and figuratively a fight between life (Detroit) and death (Fahey). During their struggle, the man finally wakes up, he and Detroit embrace while Death, having failed to seduce him into her realm, walks away in disgust and goes back up the staircase to the light.

The video won Best Video at the 1993 Music Week Awards and Brit Awards, and was the subject of a spoofs by British comedians French & Saunders and the show The Mary Whitehouse Experience.

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