Seven Years of the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon

It’s hard to believe, but the League of Cincinnati Steampunks and the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon recognize their seventh anniversary today. Although the Cincinnati Steampunk scene started to roughly assemble during the summer of 2008, it was on October 15th, 2008 that the first “formal” meeting occurred.

2008.10 Salon

Left to right: Aloysius Fox, Guy Dillon, Sara Watson, Dr. Zedekosh, and Jeanne “the Steampunk Librarian” Dietrick . . . and Brian “Bunny” Easterling behind the camera.

The seed of the Cincinnati Steampunk scene was actually planted on July 3rd, 2008 when I first met with Guy Dillon and his wife Tina Black at a Cincinnati goth dance night called Darkotica. I had found Guy via MySpace, and for a long time he was almost single handedly the Steampunk scene of Cincinnati!

Arnold's Bar & Grill

Arnold’s Bar & Grill

That summer I found other Cincinnatians on MySpace and in the months that ensued we managed to arrange for a meeting in a quieter environment. We booked at room at one of the oldest bars in the country, Arnold’s Bar and Grill that has been in constant service since 1861; yes, they were still serving booze during the Prohibition Era, and the bathtub where they made their gin is still there and serves as the bar’s logo. Although the Salon started in Arnold’s it actually spent its first year moving around to different locations, but it was always the first weekend of the month, until finally it returned home and planted itself on the second floor of Arnold’s.

Salon 02.2014 680

February 2014, the last Salon at Arnold’s.

For roughly five years the Salon gradually took over the entire second floor, but inevitably the time came that we’d simply outgrown the space, and in April 2014 the Salon hoped across the river to Northern Kentucky (which is still essentially Cincinnati) to take over the third floor of Molly Malone’s.

2015.01.03 Salon Group

Each month Steampunks from all around Cincinnati and beyond gather at Molly Malone’s.

The third floor of Molly’s can hold about 200 people, and if we ever do begin to exceed that number we already have plans for spillover onto the second floor (a plan that we have for May 7th, 2016 . . . details about that special night coming next week) which holds another 200 people, but averaging about 120 people each month it looks like the third floor will do us just fine for the foreseeable future.

To learn more about the monthly Cincinnati Steampunk Salon please check out its page here, and to all the fledgling Steampunk meetups out there we wish you success, keep at it and people will come; it’s a gradual process and we offer advice here on how to learn from our success.


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