SEE a Universe on the rocks TREMBLE

Welcome back Space Cadets!

This week we’re looking back fondly to the year 1984! We just reached the exit of the monstrous Star Wars franchise and sci-fi was on it’s way out the door for a while . . . but not before a few choice rarebits snuck in! Let’s take a look at Robert Urich, Michael Robertson and a whole mess of sluggish, sloppy and downright whacked-out robots in the bawdy space action-comedy: The Ice Pirates!  Remeber to stick around and see who’s “slugging it out in the ring” after the trailer!


Panoramic shots of the futuristic city, which much of the action takes place in, is actually footage of the Domed City from the movie Logan’s Run.

The sport the pirates are watching on the monitor during lunch on the ship is scenes from the movie Rollerball.

Ice Pirates features a short cameo by Max Von Sydow (aka Ming the Merciless)!

See you next week with more spaced-out celluloid treasures!

4 Responses to “SEE a Universe on the rocks TREMBLE

  • I’m a big “B” movie fan. I really liked Ice Pirates, but I haven’t seen it in a long time. Assembly line eunuchs, hahaha….

    • Ah Vicky! A woman of discriminating taste! 🙂

      Ice Pirates will always be one of my guilty, guilty pleasures! Thanks for dropping in!

  • Cool! Back when I was working the very early morning shift and I’d have to hit the hay with the chickens, my wife would stay up and watch free movies on this new site called “Netflix,” or something like that. When I came home, she’d tell me about what she saw, and “Ice Pirates” was one of her guilty pleasures! I need to check it out, especially now I’m on a different shift and hitting the hay with my wife is preferable to the chickens!

    • It truly is a guilty pleasure Phil, and those are the best to indulge in! Glad you’re on a new schedule as well, bedding down with lovely women has a distinct advantage over fowl of any sort. 🙂

      Have a great weekend!!!

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