RVA Steampunk Salon, Sept 2016

RSS_colors_smallLast weekend saw the 11th consecutive Richmond Steampunk Salon in Richmond, VA. It was held at a 19th century fire house turned restaurant and bar called Station 2. Station 2 is a new venue for us, over the past couple of months they have treated us very well and it has become our new regular venue.

This month we set our new record for attendance with 15 steampunks! Our society is growing with each new month! I lament however, that more of our large online membership are not able  to make it out to our events. By missing our Salons they are missing out on great food, beverages and conversation. Last month RSS also hosted a Tea Time, held at the Blue Willow Tea Room in Petersburg, Virginia. Our group was a bit larger than they are used to I think, but they served us quite well. Afterwards we shopped at the countless antique stores in town.


At this time the Richmond Steampunk Society has three events planned in the Richmond area:

The RVA Steampunk Proper Pienic on Sept 17th, which is a Picnic at a park across from the historic St. John’s church and graveyard, in which many of us will be getting our food from a New Zealand style pie shop that’s just a block away.

The next RVA Steampunk Salon on Oct 1st.

The first RVA Steampunk Maker Day being held on Oct 15th at the Chesterfield County Central Library.

I hope to see more of our group, and some new people at one of these three events. I think the Maker Day will draw in a few more, as it is an event that is open to the public, and we already know that there are a LOT of makers who a regulars at the Chesterfield Library, because they have their own maker program.

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