RVA Steampunk Salon – January 2016

RSS_colors_smallThe first Richmond Steampunk Salon for the year was held on January 2nd, 2016 at the usual place: New York Deli RVA in the “trendy” Carytown neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia.This month the owner of NYD RVA was able to be in house and he stopped by the table for a while to talk a bit with us. He also set the Pandora station airing over the house speakers to the Steampunk channel I created for the group.  We all found interest in the AM radio transmitter that Alexander von Zoeller-sahhar brought along that he built from scratch using found vintage parts, as well as the plushie dirigible he sewed himself.

plushie airship 680

Before the day a poll was set in the events page for the group on Facebook, asking for suggestions on the topic of discussion to focus on. The winner of the poll was a discussion on developing background stories, either for a character or just as a basis for a costume. Alexander came with a written character back story for us to peruse, his was a well thought out and at times funny story, with really long names for everything and everyone. I gave a description of the world in which the Clan of Teks and Richmond Steampunk Society fictitiously reside, in an effort to help those at the table who needed a place to start from. As the afternoon wore on, as things usually happen, the discussion swayed in and out of topic, but in the end I think those of us that didn’t already have a backstory had an idea of what they were going to do for their back stories.

Interestingly, the Pandora station, playing for two-ish hours had gained a life of it’s own, going from Abney Park and Lindsey Stirling to eventually going back and forth from Waylon Jennings, to the Beatles, then Willie Nelson, then back to the Beatles? So as I write this article, I’m also tuning that station in an attempt to keep it on track in the future.

After the Salon several of us mosied over to Bygones, a vintage store that is right next door to NYD. This has sort of become a tradition for us, as the store sells plenty of clothing and accessories perfect for Steampunks. (And they have a glorious selection of top hats, bowlers, drivers caps and even several deerstalkers.)

This was the fourth Salon hosted by the Richmond Steampunk Society and we have yet to break the record of 11 attendees set in November 2015. I hope that now that the holiday season is over we will be able to attract more of the Steampunk types I know exist in Richmond, Virgina.

To learn more about the February Salon, please click HERE or on the image below.

Richmond Salon Banner Feb. 2016

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