RVA Steampunk Salon – April 2016 Report

RSS_colors_smallThe April Steampunk Salon for Richmond Virginia went off pretty well. I had a texting conversation with the venue owner about the problems we had the previous month and he made sure those problems didn’t repeat. This time the stage space was cleared and the tables were ready for our group when we arrived. We tied our record number of 14 attendees and this month there were more new people than regulars. Of those new people most were new to Steampunk as well so there was a lot of conversation about making costumes and creating props. There had been a person who had mentioned on our Facebook group that she wouldn’t be able to arrive until the time we usually end up leaving, so several of us stayed behind to meet with her. She ended up not making it, though one of our regulars showed up late so the effort wasn’t for naught.

There was some discussion about trying to expand the Salon into something more akin to the one in Cincinnati, with live entertainment and vendors. Perhaps with the vendors in the outdoor seating space in the back of the venue, we could pull that off. We’ll see if I can get such a thing to happen.

The Richmond Steampunk Society actually had two events this weekend. In addition to the Salon we also held a visit to the Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond. This cemetery is notable because of it’s age and the fact that it holds grave sites for two US presidents and the only president of the confederacy. With how old and large as it is, the Hollywood Cemetery was originally the kind that was meant to be a park, where families would go there to visit and have picnics. Now days though, it looks like this isn’t allowed any more, at least not on the grassy areas. We saw families picnicking in the parking area, prior to visiting the cemetery. Other than visiting the grave sites of James Monroe and John Tyler, plus Jefferson Davis, we also visited the Vampires Tomb, which has with it multiple different stories having to do with a man that back in the Victorian era people thought was a vampire. We (Hanah and I) originally thought we might be the only ones to go tot he cemetery on Sunday, because no one clicked “going” on the Facebook event page, but we ended up with two other couples showing up, including two from the NoVa Aerodrome. It was quite an enjoyable day with the dead, followed by a trip to a “Tacos and Wings” place with Margaritas.


If you live in the area of Richmond Virginia, make sure to contact our group on Facebook and we’ll make sure you stay informed about our Salons and other events.


Salon 2016

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