Rolling with CincyCon 2012

This weekend Cincinnati saw the third annual CincyCon gaming tournament. Hundreds of gamers from the Cincinnati area converged upon the Atrium Hotel in Springdale (the same site as next month’s Steampunk Empire Symposium) to gather around a sea of table tops adorned with boards, scenes, finely painted miniatures and of course tons of dice.

The volunteer run gaming convention debuted two years ago with humble beginnings at the Woodlawn Community Center, but this year saw the event move a bit further up Route 4 and expand into a much larger space. Many of Cincinnati’s gaming stores, along with Dragon’s Hoarde and Sylvan Creations, were there to sponsor the weekend and offer plenty of shiny things to buy.

Jim Fox, Rob Atkinson, and the CincyCon crew put on an engaging event for gamers of all ages. One of the three halls was devoted entirely to rounds of Warhammer 40K, but in the other rooms the action greatly varied. Tim Kask, one of the original TSR game developers of ’75, was there to share “Role-Play the Old Way!” and to show his latest work and new adventures.

It is exciting for Cincinnati geeks to see new and upcoming cons emerging, and currently Pandoracon is in talks with CincyCon for a potential merger in September to give gamers even more opportunities to play. We look forward to this collaboration and know that this will truly make Pandoracon awesome!


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