Richmond Steampunk Salon – October Field Report

RSS_colors_smallLast Saturday saw the first Richmond Steampunk Salon in Richmond Virginia. The Clan of Teks technology scout Caelyn Nagle and his chief engineer Hanah Tikvah were joined by three Richmond natives in the first meeting of the newly formed Richmond Steampunk Society. Joining them were Un-Naturalist Hank Washburne and a couple who own and operate a local tea shoppe, one of the few local businesses to survive The Fall. The meeting place was another surviving business called New York Deli, which serves classic deli sandwiches and booze. (A perfect combination, am I right?).

First_Salon 680

The staff of the New York Deli were very welcoming to the Society, the barmen and women even researched “steampunk” cocktails for us.  They also asked us what music we would prefer they play over the restaurant’s speaker and wrote welcoming words to our group on the A-frame chalkboard out on the sidewalk.

Richmond_Steampunk_Salon_chalkboardWe made plans for the coming month, including seeing the original 1925 Phantom of the Opera at the Byrd Theater. Of course there is the next Richmond Steampunk Salon on November 7th.

We fully expect and hope that we’ll see many more Steampunks at the November Salon. We heard from several Richmond Steampunks that there was too short notice for them to make the October Salon, and they’ll definitely be able to make November’s. If you live in or near Richmond, make sure to come visit us on Facebook at The Richmond Steampunk Society, and visit our Salons as well.


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