Richmond Steampunk Salon – November Report

RSS_colors_smallThis month’s Richmond Virginia (RVA) Steampunk Salon went very well. This was our second Salon and we doubled our numbers. That’s not that big a deal when we went from 5 – 10 (11 if you count R2D2) but it’s showing progress for the growth of the RVA Steampunk scene. We drew a few visitors from the Steampunk Alliance of Eastern Virginia, who come from Norfolk and Virginia Beach. They were nice enough to bring Steampunk R2D2 for a visit, and because of this Hanah and I dressed in our Star Wars Steampunk outfits from the 2014 International Steampunk Symposium.

We had a small problem when we first arrived to the venue because it just so happened that there was a scooter rally overflowing all the bars and restaurants in town that day, and the New York Deli RVA was jam packed. We had to wait a while to get our usual table. It was no big deal though, the staff at NYD were still very nice and accommodating and we were offered drink specials as usual.


We had a few discussions regarding prop making and goggles to benefit the new Steampunks among us and there was a little talk regarding the Virginia Renaissance Faire and other options for anachronism. Following dinner and a few drinks the whole group made our way next door to Bygone’s Vintage Clothing, which is a great little shop that sells vintage and reproduction clothing and accessories from about 1900 to 1950 (with a few exceptions earlier and later) As it happens they had just received a new shipment of hats (toppers, bowlers, big apple caps, you name it) and they sold a couple of them to our group’s members.

Next month’s salon will be Saturday, December 6th, same time same place. (3:00 to 5:30, NYD RVA) Those of us who will be attending Teslacon will, I’m sure, have plenty to talk about. To learn more about the December Salon and RSVP, please visit the Facebook Event Page.


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