“Hollow World” – Book Review

Do you like your time travel novels light on the quantum physics and with a side of philosophy? Are you a fan of adventure sci-fi writers such as H.G. Wells and Edgar Rice Burroughs? Do you enjoy reading novels that include elements of controversial subjects but are not, themselves, a subject of controversy? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions then we may have found your next favorite book.

hollowowlrd.Enter Hollow Worlda post-apocalyptic Utopia where everyone looks the same, lives forever, and does exactly as they choose; where nobody is in charge, violence is unheard of, and elements of dystopian-esque corruption are mysterious absent. Meet Ellis Rogers–an average nobody from generic today who builds a time machine in his garage and leaves the present behind forever in hopes of finding a cure to his currently incurable heart condition.

The author devotes an entire preface to apologizing for the fudged science that makes this particular jaunt through time possible, but he actually goes with the one version of time travel that actually exists–compressing gravity so that the world travels on without you. You can only go into the future, and you can’t come back.

The main themes of the novel are love and acceptance, set against a plot of murder in a murderless society. But sprinkled throughout like seasonings from a master chef are topics such as genetic engineering, telepathy, world peace, climate change, homosexuality, quantum physics, engineering, exploration, religion, evolution, and a host of other topics, but it’s not about those things. Instead it’s about a random Joe, thrown into extraordinary circumstances, struggling to do the right thing when his moral compass has rusted from disuse. This book doesn’t raise any questions or offer any answers but it does make you think.

Michael J. Sullivan is the author of the Riyia Chronicles and the Riryia Revelations. Originally a self-published fantasy series, they have been re-released by Orbit, and a new series, The First Empire, is being published by Del Ray later in the year. He has been selected for the Goodreads Choice award four times, and his books have been translated into fourteen languages. His latest novel, the Death of Dulgath was the most funded writing Kickstarter ever, and is scheduled to come out later this year.

Katie Lynn Daniels is the author of Supervillain of the Day, and the mastermind behind Vaguely Circular. She blogs about science and things that are peripherally related to science. You can read all her posts here.



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