ReVatu, Ode to a Legend, and The Black Pearl


While there may be many custom bike shops in the world, few live up to the legacy ReVatu Customs is building for itself. Based in the Netherlands, ReVatu Customs has featured bikes at competitions and conventions across Europe and enjoyed international attention.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Their work ranges from fast to so-cool-looking-we-don’t-care-about-top-speeds-anymore. All ReVatu’s builds come from scratch, and the only limit is imagination. History, however, sparks a lot of that imagination. ReVatu built “Ode to a Legend” (pictured above) in honor of a 1928 Harley peashooter, and the experience led them to build more diesel powered beasts of yore.

René van Tuil, the mastermind behind ReVatu Customs, came across some concept art by Coby Higgins and decided there weren’t enough steam bikes in the world. So he made one. It’s called the Black Pearl, saluting multiple fandoms and subgenres with a single puff of steam.

Due to laws and regulations, the Black Pearl doesn’t function on pure steam, although the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“top kettle” dominates the overall design, and the machine moves more like a locomotive than a bike. Though the Pearl has plenty of torque, it weighs nearly 900 lbs. and requires five minutes to build pressure before it can be driven. The behemoth’s speed tops a roaring six mph, which is just perfect for gawping fans who stop and ogle the design.

ReVatu Customs is looking forward for their next design, and hope to craft something “electrical.” You can find more about ReVatu and other custom motorcycles on their official website.


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