Well hello Space Cadets!

This week  was one of those “life just kept getting in the way weeks” and we were unable to produce a brand-spanking new episode of  the show for you. Instead we’re dressing up an old episode from our pre-Pandoracon days and it worked out quite snazzy if we do say so ourselves!  This week’s feature is on a subject we could have used a few of…”CLONES”!
It’s the 1973 low-budget sci-fi thriller “The Clones”  and it’s all about a  nuclear scientist who is “cloned” by foreign agents and must struggle against terrifying odds to prove he is himself and not the clone. Producers note that the word Clones was rarely, if ever heard in the American vocabulary before this picture was released  Now we can’t get enough of the bloody things! An obscure treat for all fans of cerebral sci-fi on a shoestring budget! We also have some really bizarre, slightly unsettling PSAs from the 70s to boot!  And you even get to see one of our old end of episode “stingers” – something we’ll be bringing back in future episodes!

We’re running with “The Clones” this week on Meet Cleaver Theatre – The Pandoracon Edition!

We are looking forward to the long  holiday weekend to shoot new episodes for the future…and we hope you and yours have a smashing  time  celebrating however you see fit!

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1973 - The Clones

4 Responses to “Retro-Clones/Retro-Episode

  • Those PSAs were creepy and weird and icky. Plus they bring back some skin-crawl inducing memories of my childhood… lol!

    • Ah yes…they do have a bleakness about them, don’t they?

      Sorry for the creep-out!

      New episodes filming tonight minus the “creep”! Well, Butch is still there….but we’ll leave out the creepy 70s PSAs


  • I had never heard of this one before. I always thought “Parts: The Clonus Horror” was the premeir early clone movie.

    • Funny you should mention “Parts”! We just shot an episode for that one last night. 🙂 It is indeed one of the better clone movies and really anything featuring perennial SF slummer Peter Graves is a a-okay in our book!

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