Rebels, Outlaws, & Mercenaries.

Well welcome back space cadets!

Butch R. Cleaver here, from Cincinnati’s premiere psychotronic cinema show, Meet Cleaver Theatre! It’s time for another exciting cinematic adventure here at Pandoracon! This week it’s the Seven Samurai meet The Magnificent Seven . . . IN SPACE!!!!  It’s the 1980 sci-fi treat: “Battle Beyond the Stars”!  Make sure to stick around for the nifty retro sci-commercial treat following!

Trivia time:

Gelt is modeled closely after the character Lee from The Magnificent Seven (both of whom were played by Robert Vaughn) and some of Gelt’s dialogue is lifted almost verbatim from The Magnificent Seven

The natives of Akir are known as the Akira. This is no doubt a tribute to legendary director Akira Kurosawa (whose film Seven Samurai served as the inspiration for this film).

The main body of the Hephastus space station was made from a plastic terrarium salvaged from a garbage dumpster

A View-Master 3-reel packet was issued featuring 21 images from the movie. It’s also the only one of Corman’s films to be marketed with a View-Master tie-in.

See you next week with more sci-fi hi-jinks!

4 Responses to “Rebels, Outlaws, & Mercenaries.

  • great commercial, I liked that movie

  • Thanks for watching Vicky! I’m so sad I missed out on those groovy space helmet as a kid! Stay tuned for more space madness next week!

  • Great memories with this movie. saw it back in the day on Betamax… might have been VHS though. I remember thinking it was funny to see John Boy in space 🙂 I really liked all these lower budget space theme movies. Movies like Space Raiders… I really liked that film. ‘Oh you can’t buy rings, rings have to come to you”

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