Queen Stixen Stones of House Spades

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As we draw closer to Pandoracon 2016, it is time to introduce this year’s Crowns of Pandoracon who will lead the four houses in contest over the weekend. Today we meet Queen Stixen Stones of the House Spades!



What do you feel your House offers attendees who may not have been to Pandoracon before?
The House of Spades gets it: Cons can be stressful for new-comers and regulars alike! I’m more than happy to welcome new attendees into my house and help them get their bearings. Here in my House- we are all about unity in the dark corners of the universe. Need help finishing a costume? Need help finding a specific room or event? My House is here to help you every step of the way.

logo-spades-2016What three words do you feel best represent your House?
Ambition, Creativity, and Tenacity.
As a Crown, what do you feel are the most important qualities you bring to the role?
I am determined, focused and I believe in the beauty that can be found in the dark.
What interests or events does your House plan to promote during the convention?
As someone who frequently performs within the Dayton Steampunk Community, My House is excited to bridge the gap between Cincy and Dayton steampunk and help promote Steampunk events all over Ohio and beyond!
What, if any, are the guiding themes associated with your House? 
While the Spade itself may seem an aggressive symbol, in my House, it represents drive and focus. We believe that focus and ambition are the traits that unify us. No matter your race or creed, you are welcome here. If you’ve ever felt like you didn’t belong, your place is with us. We are here to prove that those who have learned to thrive in the dark aren’t to be underestimated. And in that, we are unified. We are one.


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