Queen Ofeibea Loveless of the House Diamond

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As we draw closer to Pandoracon 2016, it is time to introduce this year’s Crowns of Pandoracon who will lead the four houses in contest over the weekend. Today we meet Queen Ofeibea Loveless of the House Diamond!

What do you feel your House offers attendees who may not have been to Pandoracon before?
The House of Diamonds will have members of Cincinnati’s raddest airship – Her Royal Airship Ashanti! HRA Ashanti prides itself on supporting multiculturalism so like its beautiful namesake gem, the House of Diamonds accepts all shapes and sizes and colors. Newbies can definitely come to any HRA Ashanti member of the House of Diamonds for help navigating the con as well as companionship (Doctor Who-ish companionship…not Firefly-ish companionship). 

logo-diamonds-2016What three words do you feel best represent your House?
Clarity, strength and wisdom. 
As a Crown, what do you feel are the most important qualities you bring to the role?
I’m inquisitive/curious, a straight shooter and I listen to my constituency’s concerns with a discerning ear.
What interests or events does your House plan to promote during the convention?
The House of Diamonds will have copies of Airship Ashanti’s 2017 multicultural calendar for sale and house members will receive a special diamond-themed drink if they know the secret password!
What, if any, are the guiding themes associated with your House? 
The symbolism and value of diamonds are seen throughout the world in different cultures and countries. As such, people who value/seek wisdom, diversity and inclusion, truth and unity belong with the House of Diamonds.


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