Queen Ember of the House Clubs

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As we draw closer to Pandoracon 2016, it is time to introduce this year’s Crowns of Pandoracon who will lead the four houses in contest over the weekend. Today we meet Queen Ember of the House Clubs!



What do you feel your House offers attendees who may not have been to Pandoracon before?
Well our house offers a mischievous (but not troublesome) good time. We welcome everyone regardless of attendance at previous events. We strongly promote harmony and peace among members! No drama here!! Our house is based off the friendship we have with each other, and as long as you have coffee, booze, or tea and don’t spend your day being snarky or too salty we’ve got a few inside tricks.

What three words do you feel best represent your House?
Mischief, Madness, and Merriment!!  M^3 (M cubed).
logo-clubs-2016As a Crown, what do you feel are the most important qualities you bring to the role?
I bring experience of past cons in the form of myself and my loyal attendants. M^3 is a pretty good starting point for what I bring to the table. We’re all a little mad but I might be the most. I embody the spirit of our house in all I do and I won’t stand for the mistreatment of even the maddest attendee, house affiliated or not.
What interests or events does your House plan to promote during the convention?
We advocate the use of house games and friendly competition. Our house enjoys learning something new every con and actively attend maker panels of all sorts – after all to manage mischief you have to come up with all new tricks, and sometimes that takes work.
What, if any, are the guiding themes associated with your House? 
We promote getting along and enjoying your time at the con. That  is really the theme that runs through The House Clubs veins as a whole. Friendship, Mischief, Merriment, and Madness. All for fun and fun for all!


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