Preparations for Pandoracon

Tuesday evening, August 7th, a portion of the Pandoracon crew went for a tour of the hotel to get things prepped for the convention’s inaugural gathering in seven and a half weeks time. Starting from the left, in the back we see Jim Fox (director of the gaming program), Spencer Martin (an Ace of Pandoracon), Guy Dillon, and Tina Black. In the middle row from the left, Aloysius Fox (con director), Emma Peelout (the Queen of Hearts), and Daniel McNamara (head of security). Front row from the left, Kathryn Hinton, Dr. Forge (the King of Hearts), and Anna Nagle (an Ace of Pandoracon). Not pictured are Caelyn Nagle (because he was taking the picture), the Jokers of Pandoracon (Lala & Meep) who were off scheming up mischief, and Corey Gross (manager of Roxx Electrocafe and video games director) who was about to make a dramatic entrance.

Some had already seen the hotel, but for many this was their first glimpse at the space that during the last weekend of September will be bursting with geeky fun and nerdy goodness. The air was abuzz with excitement and creativity as this slice of the Pandoracon team surveyed rooms and compared measurements . . . time to discover a few adjustments here and there, but nothing that we can’t handle.

Don’t forget, today and tomorrow are your last days to buy tickets and be entered for the drawing for a high quality Pandoracon print signed by artist Billy Tacket.

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