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Do you have a compulsive need to yell at bad movies? Come join Cinematic For The People for an evening of riffing!

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Pandoracon is a back, and so is Cinematic For The People! Join CFTP for an evening of banter and snark as we endure the worst movies we can find. This time, we’ll be inflicting upon you “Cyborg 2087”: a movie about a time-traveling cyborg sent back to stop a scientist from inventing mind-reading technology which will one day start a WAR WITH PSYCHIC MACHINES… who have sent back their own cyborgs to stop him. If this plot sound vaguely familiar, we’re pretty sure this film is the ground zero of all Time-Travel movie tropes ever. So spend waste some time with us!

Jim HansonJim Hanson, one of the founding members and De-facto leader of CFTP, works as both the show director and main editor. His obsession with horrible movies, giant robots, and collectible brightly-colored objects has led the group into disaster more than once in the past, but with the magic of editing has somehow always come out on top in the end… except for the part where he got the show bought out by an evil corporation called HypoCondriCo.

Mike Dellheim 1Mike Dellheim, or as he is known to some as The Otakukage, is a ninja of little repute… despite his effort to gain repute. He had originally joined CFTP to test his mental endurance against the worst movies in the world. Currently Mike also works as one of HypoCondriCo’s medical research test subjects.

Russell HannulaRussell Hannula is the Baron of Blueberry Hill, a small but well-to-do estate in the wilds of New England. An inventor and engineer of masterful skill, Russ is a bit of a recluse, happily working on his creations… or putting them out of their misery when things go awry. He is also responsible for almost all of CFTP’s posters, DVD covers, and various other pieces of artwork.

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