Parking & Teens at the Midsummer Masquerade

For the past five years the Midsummer Masquerade has been held at Loveland Castle, and we miss it greatly, but the show has outgrown its original home in many ways, and parking was one of them. We are glad to announce that parking will most definitely not be an issue this year . . . plus we’ve got some other good news!

Moonlite Pavilion

With the increased space at the Moonlite Gardens we are now able to extend our attendance policy to include our younger masqueraders . . . for the first time ever, teenagers are welcome to attend the Cincinnati Midsummer Masquerade!

The age limit for the Masquerade is now 13 years or older, but those under 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult attendee.

The Moonlite Gardens will be providing the Midsummer Masquerade with two cash bars AND indoor plumbing! Yep, no more port-a-potties πŸ™‚ Plus we have VASTLY more parking available, however, you still might want to consider ride-shares to split the cost of Coney Island’s $8 parking fee (cash only).


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